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About ConsultingFuse

Samuel Woods

Samuel J. WoodsSamuel Woods is a Digital Marketing Consultant. His clients come to him with their problems and needs regarding (online) marketing, and they work together to create, transform, or optimize their marketing and sales funnels. This often leads to tripling their business growth in 3 ways (Attraction, Conversion, Retention).

As a Marketing Consultant, Samuel has, so far, helped over 50+ clients in various industries generate more quality leads and profitable sales. He’s developed marketing funnels and systems that consistently attracts, converts, and retains more business for his clients.

Samuel spends his time in Boston, MA and Stockholm, Sweden, and has clients on both continents. Most of his consulting happens off-site so he can live and work anywhere, while spending time enjoying a lifestyle filled with family, friends, SCUBA diving, ballroom dancing, and drinking Arnold Palmers. He will help you do that same (minus ballroom dancing, and Arnold Palmer drinking — probably not SCUBA diving either).

Tim Conley

tim-profileTim Conley is known as one of the top direct response marketing consultants in the startup and online entrepreneurship communities.  He’s famous for generating for his clients six and seven figure revenue breakthroughs and doubling their time off all while they live, work and play anywhere in the world.

As a coach, advisor and mentor to over 400 founders (plus the hundreds of Foolish Adventure students), Tim has developed systems for helping entrepreneurs discover their strengths, build their authority and skyrocket their revenue.

In 2004, Tim moved away from Portland, Oregon and finally broke free of in-person consulting.  Since that time, Tim has made use of mobile technologies to allow him to live, work and play anywhere, too.  Just recently he spent a month traveling around Bali while running his high-end mastermind (global), coached 3 entrepreneurs (2 in US, 1 in Australia) and finished up a consulting project for a client in China.  He will help you do the same.

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