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Hey Consultants, Write A Book – CFP017

Hey Consultants, Write A Book – CFP017

The Greatest Authority & Positioning Tool You Can Create

Generating leads that convert to qualified prospects is much easier using a book.  Not only does it educate your lead, but the lead will see you as “the” authority on their problem.

Sam and Tim don’t act holier-than-thou in this episode as neither have written their own book. Tim even jokes about having parts of several books written, but has never finished one. Tim has written training courses and created hundreds and hundreds of pieces of content — enough to make a dozen books, but hasn’t been disciplined enough to finish a book.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to use a book to build your consulting business and get an example of one of Tim’s clients who is using a book to generate leads. That client struggled to get a book written too, so he hired a writer to ghostwrite it for him.

Let us know what your book will be about in the comments.

Hey Consultants, Write A Book – CFP017


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