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The Art Of Deal Flow – CFP001

The Art Of Deal Flow – CFP001

Deal Flow is the number, speed, and duration in which opportunities come to you. ~ Tim Conley

What Should You Do To Fill Your Life With Opportunity?

Many consultants (freelancers and coaches) suffer from a lack of opportunities. They hustle to get work and then they spend all their time fulfilling the work. After they finish the client’s project, they have to run around trying to find another client.

To engineer deal flow you must…

  • Do one thing every day to attract opportunity
  • Focus on the “little hinges that will swing big doors”
  • Use simple systems to hold yourself accountable
  • Create operating procedures so your team is generating deal flow.

To increase deal flow you must be attractive to opportunity. If you don’t make yourself available for serendipity because you never leave your office, or you aren’t thankful and grateful, then others will not want to send you opportunities.

As you systemize your deal flow activities you’ll find the sweet spot of having just a little more opportunity than you can take. You want to be in demand because it creates even more demand.

Listen in to this episode to learn how to engineer steady deal flow.

The Art Of Deal Flow – CFP001


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