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Effective Direct Outreach – CFP021

Effective Direct Outreach – CFP021

How To Use Email To Get Prospects To Raise Their Hand

It’s not spam. It’s direct outreach. So says Dr. Samuel J Woods, Esquire.

A lot of consultants resist using email to do outreach because they would hate receiving the emails themselves, but what they forget is that they are not their prospects.

Will some prospects get annoyed? Yes. Will it hurt your chances of converting that prospect in the future? Probably not.

Will it get you some clients now? Most assuredly.

If you want to start generating leads now then you need to reach out to your market. Be proactive.

Listen in to this episode to learn how to do effective direct email outreach.

Also, we’ll be posting an email outreach sample series for you soon. Check back in a couple of days.

PS. Big thanks to our audio engineer who was able to remove most of the fireworks explosions that were going off in Chiang Mai, Thailand during this recording. Donald is awesome. Need a podcast editor? Email Tim for an introduction. tim {at}

Direct Outreach – CFP021


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