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Follow-Up For Consultants – CFP018

Follow-Up For Consultants – CFP018

Build A Solid Follow-Up System And You’ll…

Impress Your Connections, Become More Referable, And Rapidly Grow Your Revenue.

Following up with all the people (prospects, vendors, clients and even past clients) connected to your business is critical to success.

Most people know this or at least suspect follow-up is important.

But why don’t they follow-up?

There are several reasons, but a few excuses are perceiving that follow-up is time-consuming, complicated, and not knowing what to say when following up.

Inside this episode, Sam and Tim cover:

  • Automation vs manual follow-up
  • Customer relationship management software
  • How, why and what to do for follow-up
  • Who to follow up with, and
  • Much more…

Pro Tip: Use to have handwritten notes and letters sent to all the people you need to follow-up with. The founder is a friend, but we don’t get anything for recommending the company.

Listen in to see how to build personal follow-up into your business…

Follow-Up For Consultants – CFP018


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