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Are Live Events Worth It? – CFP020

Are Live Events Worth It? – CFP020

Getting The Most Out Of Attending Live Events

In this episode, Sam and Tim are face-to-face, live and in-person at a business conference in Bangkok, Thailand. And the topic on the table is why consultants should attend live events.

They discuss:

  • What events you should attend,
  • How to connect with people without being a business card ninja,
  • Is it potentially profitable to attend a particular event,
  • What events do your prospects attend,
  • Getting over the fear to meeting people,
  • And much more…
  • Most people spend their time attending events where they are comfortable, typically their industries events to gain continuing education. This is good, but those events should be no more than one or two a year.

    When you start attending events where you really connect with your prospects, you’ll become a trusted source and you’ll attract more and more high-end clients.

    Listen in to get the most out of live events.

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    Are Live Events Worth It? – CFP020


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