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The Introvert’s Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Networking – CFP022

Build your authority through networking with your market even if talking to people freaks you out.

Sam and Tim set out to discuss a different topic, but spent so much time initially on networking that they just ran with it.

In this episode, they discuss how to build your authority by networking with… wait for it… your target market. Many consultants, especially in highly technical fields, spend their time networking with others just like themselves. Yes, there is a place for this especially for continuing education, but the best place to network is where your prospective clients are.

A great situation you can find yourself in is being the only one who does what you do at a networking event full of people who need and want your services. But it takes more than just going. You’ve got to initiate discussions. Don’t worry, this freaks Tim out, too.

Sam and Tim also share tips on how to have conversations with strangers even if you’d rather be hiding in a corner somewhere.

Listen in to become an expert networker, or at least learn how to strike up a conversation without hurling.

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The Introvert’s Guide To Getting The Most Out Of Networking – CFP022


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