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Authority Systems – CFP023

Use Education-Based Marketing And Proprietary Systems To Set Your Positioning

Authority is attractive. It attracts prospects who want to work with the best solution for them. When you build authority systems you’ll be seen as the go-to expert in your market.

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Expert Vs Authority – CFP019

When To Be An Expert And How To Cultivate Authority

Most consultants think their clients are buying their expertise (essentially outsourced labor or knowledge) when they buy based on your level of authority.

The greater your authority in a market the more in-demand you’ll be and the higher your fees will be.


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Follow-Up For Consultants – CFP018

Build A Solid Follow-Up System And You’ll…

Impress Your Connections, Become More Referable, And Rapidly Grow Your Revenue.

Following up with all the people (prospects, vendors, clients and even past clients) connected to your business is critical to success.

Most people know this or at least suspect follow-up is important.

But why don’t they follow-up?

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