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Building Your Team – CFP015

Put The Right People In The Right Position From VAs To Executives

Figuring out who to hire and when to hire is truly an executive level skill set.

In this episode, Sam Woods and Tim Conley discuss the team you need for the level you’re at and when to level-up that team.

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Choosing The Rainmaker – CFP014

Executive Series: Do You Bring In Sales Or Do You Hire Someone?

Should you be responsible for making sales in your consulting company?

The hard truth is that if you’re the founder of your company then you better be selling. You might not be very good at it at first, but you will be able to get across your vision better than most anyone. That passion will carry over to your prospects and turn them into clients.

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How To Demonstrate Value To Your Prospects And Clients – CFP011

Add A Zero To Your Income By Increasing Your Value

Today’s episode comes from a Fuse Community member. She got tired of us always saying “demonstrate value” to your prospects and clients and challenged us to show how to do it.

This was a tough challenge because value is different for each market and for each prospect and client. But Dr Samuel J Woods and I tackled this challenge with gusto. You’ll discover how to:

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How To Productize Your Consulting Services – CFP010

The First Fuse Member Meetup


Productized Services Remove You From Time-For-Dollars Consulting And Give You Opportunity To Scale.

Dr. Samuel J. Woods and I discuss our first meeting and the very first Fuse member meetup where we hung out with a couple members for a day of masterminding. And for the main topic of the show today, we discuss why and how you should be productizing your services. You’ll learn how about:

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How To Price Your Consulting – CFP008

The “Add A Zero” Philosophy To Pricing

This episode is dedicated to helping you increase your fees and have you clients be happy about it.

Tim Conley and Samuel Woods start off discussing Tim’s 4 Hour Work Year and what that means to productivity, free time and creativity.

Then they get right to the core of the episode: Pricing

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