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Reverse Engineered Client Acquisition – CFP007

Start At The End To Attract Your Perfect Client

Every sales funnel training out there follows this path:

They start at the opening of the funnel and talk about getting a bunch of traffic.

But Sam Woods and I have found that starting with the end-result creates more and better clients. Starting with the end, you can engineer the structure (the steps a prospect has to take to become a client) of your sales funnel so that it:

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Position Yourself As A Six-Figure Consultant – CFP003

Building A Strong Message Of Authority…

If you tuned in to last week’s show, you would have got a taste of the power of consulting and hopefully gotten to grips with some of the fundamentals needed to add an additional six figures to your income.

On this week’s episode, Dr. Samuel J. Woods, Esq. and I once again go deeper into our consulting playbook.

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Add Six Figures To Your Consulting Income – CFP002

Kicking Off Our Three Part Series On Igniting Your Consulting Career…

Over the next three episodes we’re going to be diving into all things consulting and how if done correctly, can build or add an extra six figures a year.

Whether you’re already established in the consulting game, or just a freelancer ready to step it up to the next level, over these next three weeks Tim and Sam are going to change the way you approach your work and how you can take better control over your income.

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The Art Of Deal Flow – CFP001

Deal Flow is the number, speed, and duration in which opportunities come to you. ~ Tim Conley

What Should You Do To Fill Your Life With Opportunity?

Many consultants (freelancers and coaches) suffer from a lack of opportunities. They hustle to get work and then they spend all their time fulfilling the work. After they finish the client’s project, they have to run around trying to find another client.

To engineer deal flow you must…

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