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Position Yourself As A Six-Figure Consultant – CFP003

Position Yourself As A Six-Figure Consultant – CFP003

Building A Strong Message Of Authority…

If you tuned in to last week’s show, you would have got a taste of the power of consulting and hopefully gotten to grips with some of the fundamentals needed to add an additional six figures to your income.

On this week’s episode, Dr. Samuel J. Woods, Esq. and I once again go deeper into our consulting playbook.

Building on the foundations from last week, this episode will be completely focused on one of the most crucial aspects of any successful consulting business – positioning. Though it may seem obvious that to succeed in any marketplace it’s necessary to build authority around yourself or your company, people so often fail to take control of how they are perceived by their customers and potential clients.

By the end of this episode, you’ll be equipped with the know-how to take other’s perception of you into your own hands. Once we have that under control it’s time to earn the money you deserve, build a message of real authority and work towards those extra six-figures.

How To Avoid Becoming A Commodity…

  • How important is a skillset early on?
  • Picking your clients to avoid future headaches.
  • The real difference between freelancers, consultants and entrepreneurs.
  • Positioning yourself vs. positioning your company.
  • Becoming a leading authority in a narrow niche.
  • Crafting your appearance.


Position Yourself As A Six-Figure Consultant – CFP003


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