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How To Price Your Consulting – CFP008

How To Price Your Consulting – CFP008

The “Add A Zero” Philosophy To Pricing

This episode is dedicated to helping you increase your fees and have you clients be happy about it.

Tim Conley and Samuel Woods start off discussing Tim’s 4 Hour Work Year and what that means to productivity, free time and creativity.

Then they get right to the core of the episode: Pricing

As you’ve heard in earlier episodes, Tim is a huge fan of the “Little Hinges Swing Big Doors” concept.

Making a lot of money from a few clients tends to be much easier than getting a high income by handling lots of clients. As you listen to this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why raising prices is a must for every consultant
  • Why high-paying clients are all-around better clients
  • How to justify 10X your current price
  • They even cover when to sell at lower prices
  • Finally, they dive into the different pricing structures and what is better for you and your clients.

This episode is all about making more money by providing greater value to your clients by preventing yourself being seen as a commodity and instead as a valued authority.

Listen in if you want to stop being broke and 10X your revenue.

How To Price Your Consulting – CFP008


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