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How To Productize Your Consulting Services – CFP010

The First Fuse Member Meetup


Productized Services Remove You From Time-For-Dollars Consulting And Give You Opportunity To Scale.

Dr. Samuel J. Woods and I discuss our first meeting and the very first Fuse member meetup where we hung out with a couple members for a day of masterminding. And for the main topic of the show today, we discuss why and how you should be productizing your services. You’ll learn how about:

  • 3 levels of consulting and how that effects what and how you sell
  • The pros and cons of Packaging Vs Productizing
  • Breaking free of time-for-dollars consulting and stop being ‘outsourced labor’
  • Use a Perfect Client Profile to make productized services more profitable
  • Scale faster and exponentially
  • Create income stability for yourself and your company
  • And more…

Dive into the show and then immediately develop at least one productized service in your consulting company.

How To Productize Your Consulting Services – CFP010


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