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Reverse Engineered Client Acquisition – CFP007

Reverse Engineered Client Acquisition – CFP007

Start At The End To Attract Your Perfect Client

Every sales funnel training out there follows this path:

They start at the opening of the funnel and talk about getting a bunch of traffic.

But Sam Woods and I have found that starting with the end-result creates more and better clients. Starting with the end, you can engineer the structure (the steps a prospect has to take to become a client) of your sales funnel so that it:

  • Attracts the right prospects for your business
  • Sifts, Sorts & Screens out anyone who isn’t a perfect fit
  • Gets eights, nines and tens on the “ready to buy” scale to the front of the line
  • Moves anyone not ready to buy into a “customer indoctrination” marketing funnel until they are ready to buy, and
  • Gives you the steady stream of prospects and deals needed to build a sustainable and successful business.

Listen in to see how to reverse engineer your client acquisition.

Reverse Engineered Client Acquisition – CFP007


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Photo Credit: Tommy Schultz

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