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Bust Out Of Your Slow Season – CFP024

Bust Out Of Your Slow Season – CFP024

Are you trapped in an industry delusion that slow seasons are real?

John Logar and Tim Conley discuss how belief in slow seasons is the cause of an individual company’s slow season.

When people believe things should be slow they don’t act to prevent it.

Slow seasons are not the same as taking time off. Most of the staff are still in the office, but they are not working hard to keep the revenue coming in.

For every month of a slow season, it typically takes a consultant another month to ramp sales back up. So a single slow month actually results in 2 months of lowered (or nonexistent) revenue, or 10 months of revenue in a year.


The consultant still has 12 months of expenses!

On taking time off, John and Tim say take the time off. Don’t pretend to work. Put your staff on holiday and you’ll at least lower your utility bills during your slow season. If no one is being productive and you’re paying for it, you might as well get the benefit of your team being refreshed from a nice long vacation.

So if you want to eliminate slow seasons in your consultancy then…

Listen in…

It’s time to make it so listen in…

Bust Out Of Your Slow Season – CFP024


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