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Executive Series: From Solo To CEO – CFP012

Executive Series: From Solo To CEO – CFP012

Gain The Vision And Skills To Lead Your Company

It doesn’t matter whether you choose to stay a solo consultant or to build a team of consultants, you need to learn the skills to be the CEO of your business.

In this episode, Sam Woods and Tim Conley discuss what business model you should choose for your consulting company. Many consultants start off solo and many get stuck there. Some choose to build a bigger consultancy or agency and then spend their time putting out fires and worrying about making payroll.

To get you where you want to be with your consulting, you have to learn executive level skills. Being a great consultant isn’t enough to make sure your bank balance grows every day.

Listen in to determine if you want to stay a solo consultant, build a team, and gain the vision to lead no matter your choice.

Executive Series: From Solo To CEO – CFP012


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